Graphic Design: Eyrie 2007 - Eyrie 2007 layout and design; TCC's Art and Literary Magazine.
Description:  Eyrie 2007, Tallahassee Community College's student-produced Art and Literary magazine.
Process:  Above is the cover for Tallahassee Community College's Eyrie Art and Literary Magazine. I was the Layout and Design Editor for the magazine for the 2007 year. As Layout and Design Editor, I designed all of the layout graphics (including the cover) and put the magazine together using Adobe InDesign.

Click on the cover above to view the entire magazine as a 4.2 MB PDF. You can also view the following pages and spreads individually:

Eyrie Cover - Page
Eyrie Title - Page
Eyrie Category Table of Contents - Spread
Eyrie Table of Contents - Spread
Eyrie Staff Profile - Spread

Software & Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Color Scheme:  Primarily warm colors: reds, browns, oranges, and yellows. Black and white. The back pages make use of shades of gray.
Tags:  tallahassee community college, vector, logo, eyrie, magazine, drawing, brushes, fonts, print design
Copyright:  Copyright Tallahassee Community College 2007. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this magazine in any manner, you must contact TCC for permission. Rights for each magazine submission are owned by its respective creator. If you wish to use or reproduce any submission, you must contact the individual author or artist.
Designer:  Graphic Design by Rachael L. Moore

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