Graphic Design: Eyrie Advertisement 2 - Advertisement (vector) designed for Tallahassee Community College's Eyrie Art & Literary magazine in 2007.
Description:  This advertisement soliciting submissions to TCC's (Tallahassee Community College) Eyrie Art and Literary Magazine was delivered to The Talon for their first February issue.
Process:  The ad was created entirely as a vector graphic; the proportions of this particular ad were designed to conform to around a 'Quarter Page' size. This ad was designed to be printed in black-and-white.
Purpose:  The purpose of the advertizement was to publicize the magazine and inform students that the submission deadline for the 2007 magazine was approaching.
Software & Tools:  Adobe Illustrator
Color Scheme:  Black, white, and gray.
Tags:  vector, advertisement, fonts, print design
Copyright:  Copyright Tallahassee Community College 2007. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this image in any manner, you must contact TCC for permission.
Designer:  Graphic Design by Rachael L. Moore

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