Photography: Android Photograph - Photo-manipulation created from a digital photograph of a girl wrapped in wires. Designed in 2005.
Description:  Girl dressed in white with blue-tinted skin sits with her legs crossed in front of a wall. A spotlight creates a circle of darkness around her. Her head is bowed and hands clasped. Wires wrap around her neck, arms, and hands.
Process:  Digital photograph of girl taken in PGY1501c Fall 2005. The model was dressed in white and wrapped with wires. A very low ambient light was used, as well as a makeshift spotlight, to create dramatic lighting. Adobe Photoshop was then used to adjust the color of the model's exposed face and arms.
Purpose:  This photograph was taken for an assignment titled, "Signs of our Times." Obviously journalistic photographs would be acceptable, but the assignment left the interpretation up to the student. I felt that a 'sign of our times' was technology.
Software & Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Kodak Z740
Awards & Honors:  Featured in a digital photography/art show at Full Circle Gallery (Tallahassee, FL) in October and November of 2006.
Color Scheme:  Black, purple, blue, peach, white, dark brown, silver, gold
Tags:  spotlight, digital photograph, wire, color correction, cable, hair, head, face, girl, body, android, contrast, technology, flesh, skin, woman, female, foot, hands, clasped hands, bowed head
Copyright:  Copyright Rachael L. Moore 2005. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this image in any manner, you must contact me for permission.
Designer:  Photography by Rachael L. Moore

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