Photography: Boy Photograph - Black and white digital photograph of a boy's face.
Description:  A young boy lays on a neutral-colored sheet. Only one side of his face is seen. A dark shadow creeps over his forehead and nose. The hair of his sideburns and the stubble on his chin are sharp in the foreground.
Process:  Digital photograph of a boy taken in PGY1501c Fall 2005. To compose this photograph, sheets and blankets of white, black, and gray were tacked onto the wall. The models then lay down on the sheets and were lit with 2 spotlights.
Purpose:  This photograph was taken for an assignment that focused on the color of the resulting photographs. There were no restrictions regarding subject matter or composition.
Software & Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Kodak Z740
Awards & Honors:  Featured in a digital photography/art show at Full Circle Gallery (Tallahassee, FL) in October and November of 2006.
Color Scheme:  Black and white/grayscale.
Tags:  digital photograph, boy, man, male, face, shadow, shirt, sleeping, sheet, closed eyes, hair
Copyright:  Copyright Rachael L. Moore 2005. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this image in any manner, you must contact me for permission.
Designer:  Photography by Rachael L. Moore

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