Web Design: Ebel Landscaping Website - Ebel Landscaping website, designed and developed in 2004.
Description:  Ebel Landscaping's website. There are two versions of this website, which were designed and developed in 2004-2005.
Process:  This design is an improvement upon the first version of Ebel Landscaping's website. Considerations included a classier appearance, a centered layout, and space for more images. This version is under suspended development. The current website can be viewed at Ebel-Landscaping.com.
Purpose:  The purpose of the website is to create an online precense for Ebel Landscaping. It serves as an online portfolio of landscapes created by Ebel Landscaping, a source of information regarding Ebel Landscaping's services, and a resource for consumers about yard care.
Software & Tools:  Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Crimson Editor, phpMyAdmin, PHP, and MySQL
Color Scheme:  Muted palette of greens (olives) and blue (pale blue).
Tags:  css, html, php, mysql, portfolio, images, image gallery, flower, flowers, yard, grass, lawn, wall, retaining wall, timber, wood, stone, bush, bushes, tree, trees, decoration, landscaping, maintenance, stripes, lines, shadow, corporation, horizontal menu, layout, design, web design, web development, graphic design, photography
Copyright:  Copyright of the ebellandscaping.com website and logo belong to Ebel Landscaping. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this image in any manner, you must contact Ebel Landscaping for permission.
Designer:  Web Design by Rachael L. Moore

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