Graphic Design: Air Graphic - Graphic art featuring an air elemental (from a digital photograph), designed in 2005.
Description:  Two winged girls (representing air elementals) touch toes as feathers fly from the more ghostly of the pair. A moon rises in the background.
Process:  Air elemental graphic design piece done in Adobe Photoshop CS for GRA1131 in Fall of 2005. Continues the series started during the vector project. Utilized digital photographs taken with my Kodak Z740.
Software & Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Kodak Z740
Color Scheme:  Many shades of blue.
Tags:  composition, photo manipulation, girl, female, woman, wings, angel, elemental, moon, sky, space, feathers
Copyright:  Copyright Rachael L. Moore 2005. All rights reserved. If you wish to use or reproduce this image in any manner, you must contact me for permission.
Designer:  Graphic Design by Rachael L. Moore

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